GSA: A New Club for Everyone

Sarah Robbins, Staff Writer

Farmingdale High School is a place of great student diversity. This year, a new club has been formed called the Gay/Straight Alliance, a club based on love, acceptance, and diversity.

Ms. Lauren Vega, Ms. Christina Moretta, Ms. Alex Goldman, and Ms. Josseline Morales are all staff members who have taken time to put this club together. Ms. Vega, a social worker, was approached by a student last year who requested that this club be started. When Vega brought this idea to Dr. Thompson, he was on board. Ms. Vega says that anyone can join “even if you are not part of the LGBT community.” She continues, “You will become an ally or supporter for someone who is in the community.” The purpose of this club is to “promote equality for all students to express themselves in a safe environment,” says Ms. Vega. As one of the first activities, the club is asked that all members bring a friend. By doing this, it shows that everyone stands together, regardless of sexuality or gender identity. One club member says, “People who belong to this community can feel safe in school with a club like this. Do not be nervous to join, because it is such a welcoming environment.”

When attending a meeting myself, every person in there was so welcoming with arms wide open, and each person took a genuine interest in the stories told. This club is dedicated to making students feel comfortable in their own skin and being able to express themselves the way they want with pride.

* Photo Courtesy of Lifetouch