Expression Is Survival

Julian Dabydeen, Staff Writer

As the title suggests, I want to talk about expressing yourself as a person. To make this point, I turn to the inspiration that makes me think of a idea like this one: a little company in Nashville, Tennessee called Good DyeYoung, a hair company that has been opened by famous (and amazing!) singer Hayley Williams and professional makeup artist and hair stylist Brian J. O’Connor. Good DyeYoung brings more than just hair; they bring along the thought of being yourself, to always stand out and be different from the rest of the world. The type of feeling you would get from the company no matter where you are located is only positive. The message is to be yourself, to never be afraid of opening yourself up to the world; this company teaches you how to be human no matter your gender or color.

To spread the idea, there is a certain section to the website they host, called “Strands.”  Strands is a “kind of a newsletter, kind of a blog.” This section of the company truly expands on the “expression is survival” concept. People from all over the country and world can submit their own stories about not just their hair, but also the experiences they’ve all had and the journey to break out of  their hardened selves and show each other who they really are.

Taken from my own personal experience, I had to make a journey to become who I am now. Growing up behind a blank canvas not yet painted was difficult. While everyone had perfect portraits of who they were, I didn’t have anything. As the years flew by, I slowly found out who I am, the type of clothing style I enjoyed, and the music style I preferred, along with many other things. My canvas was more of an abstract art, if that makes sense. I started to feel alive instead of a literal walking corpse. My expression brought me survival since I didn’t have to hide behind a wall. It brought along happiness, and I’m proud to be who I am.

Good DyeYoung is a small company, born in the heart of Nashville, and it will always be “beautifully obnoxious.” The company is more than what it seems; it’s a platform for people of all kinds to be…themselves. The style of being yourself and not being afraid of stereotypes or judgment is the whole purpose and the meaning of the company. Whether you buy a product or not, the love is in the air with Good DyeYoung. They always teach you to “Dye Happy.”

Picture from from Good Dye Young Instagram account)