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LAXing in the Bubble

The temperatures outside may be below freezing, but it’s nice and warm inside the Farmingdale Bubble on Conklin Street. This is where the Farmingdale Dalers boys lacrosse team trains, improves skills, and develops team chemistry prior to the start of the spring season. Every Tuesday and Thursday after school the boys make their way to the bubble; upperclassmen even do their best to drive underclassmen to make sure everyone gets their safely and on time. Upon arrival, gear is put on, the field is set up, and the team captains lead stretches to get things started off on the right foot. Next, the team breaks up into groups for positional training work. Coach Dunne takes the defense and goalies, Coach Hungerford takes the midfielders, and Coach Campbell takes the attackmen. In this segment, the coaches are working hard to teach the players skills specific to their position that will translate to success on the field in the spring. After this segment, the team comes together for a competitive team game with the loser having sprints to run for the loss. Fast, excited, and energetic, the Dalers go up and down the bubble having fun in the games, while still getting better and learning about the sport and effective strategies. To many, the bubble is one of the most fun and enjoyable parts of the season. Players love the opportunity to play lacrosse indoors in the winter, as opposed to waiting all the way until the spring to play again. Being in an extremely competitive conference in Nassau County, the Dalers will need to continue all the hard work in the bubble on players’ own time in order for them to be on track to reach another county championship game. The skill level and athleticism is impressive with this team; now it is only a matter of putting all the pieces together to have a great season. Expectations are high, just like they always are, and the spring can’t come soon enough. The Dalers are ready to prove themselves this season.

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