Who is Santa’s Santa?

Alayna Camisa, Social Media Director

The most wonderful time of the year is here. The holiday parades, the holiday parties, the Christmas pictures, the decorating of the tree, and the meeting of Santa is all here. The one thing we get most excited about is the presents. Everything we want on our Christmas list is granted to us from Santa. We think of others on the holidays, but we always leave out one important, obvious person: Santa. Does Santa get gifts? Who is Santa’s Santa? What is on Santa’s Christmas list? We shall never know for sure.

The lesson of the story is to think outside the box; to think about the ones who deserve the most. People don’t think about it, but there are many Santas in one person’s life. For example, Santa doesn’t have to be the real Santa; Santa can be you mom, your dad, your grandparents, siblings, friends, and even teachers. Think about what these people do for you. You mom and dad put a roof over your head, provide you with meals everyday, pay for your expenses, teach you right from wrong. Your grandparents may spoil you and give you money and presents here and there, get you out of trouble from your parents, and also provide you with love and care. Your siblings provide you with tough love and teach you from their mistakes. They also might be the closest people to you and be considered your best friend(s). Friends are there to go on adventures with and to talk about things you wouldn’t talk about with anyone else. Teachers provide you with the knowledge of life; they guide you toward the right path and help you with making the right choices in order to succeed in life.

The important thing about this holiday, or even this new year, is to give back. Show your appreciation by sending a card, buying a coffee, or just saying thank you. It goes a long way and may make a person’s day. While you’ll probably leave the real Santa cookies, don’t forget the other Santas too. Be Santa’s Santa.

* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license