Dalers for Dalers

Erin Byrnes , Co-Editor-in-Chief

Christmas is typically filled with giving gifts and spending time with loved ones; however, sometimes giving can be costly and difficult for parents. Here at Farmingdale, the Student Government Association organized a holiday gift drive as a way to help families that can’t financially purchase gifts for their children. Cards are made with little gifts from each child’s wish list and brought back in. After each gift is brought back, they are grouped together by family, wrapped, and sent back to their parents for a surprise on Christmas morning.

Previously named “Adopt a Family,” this year it was rebranded as “Dalers for Dalers.” All the families that participated and the kids that received the gifts are kids in the Farmingdale community. Mrs. Grant, one of organizers of the drive, says, “I think it is important that it is ‘Dalers for Dalers’ because it shows that it’s people in our own community that we’re helping.” This year was the 10th year for the holiday drive and there were 16 families total, with gifts given to 36 children. From Barbie dolls and superhero action figures for younger children to hoodies and makeup kits accompanied with gift cards for the older kids, everyone’s wish list items were met. “We had an overwhelmingly successful response to the holiday drive this year.”

Along with the donation of gifts, students at FHS came to help wrap and package the gifts together after school. By the end of the afternoon, all of the packaged and wrapped gifts were ready to be delivered, ensuring that our fellow Dalers would have a happy holiday.