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New Year, New Me!

New year, new me!!! We’ve all heard that before…. You’re probably tired of hearing about the new year, but as we turn over a new leaf into 2019 it’s time for some serious reflection and of course resolutions.

But does anybody actually follow through with their resolutions? Nahh definitely not. Usually everyone becomes over-ambitious, which is the primary reason for failure to achieve said resolutions, other than just the lack of motivation. Is it really useful to set new resolutions anyway? Or should you just let the year go on as it does?

The new year is a perfect reminder for new beginnings, but it is important to remember it is impossible to completely reinvent yourself. You cannot change years of personality development, but you can change your mindset! Reflect on past mistakes, things you want to work on, and keep a new open mindset as new opportunities begin to roll in. Will this year be any different than the last? Who knows, but you can try!

Focus on yourself and your happiness, we’re in high school… do all you can to enjoy yourself and have a fun time.  Whether you hated 2018 or not, take the good memories with you, leave the toxic ones in last year, and be grateful to be here for another year. Another year of new memories, achievements, personal growth, inevitable hardships, or even new memes on social media. Whatever the new year means to you, make this one a good one!

* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license

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