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Ahhhhhhhhh Midterms!

What’s scarier, a creepy clown coming from behind you or the fact that midterms are also creeping around the corner? Yes in case you aren’t aware, midterm week starts this Friday the 18th… I know, scary right?

While it’s nice to get a little break from classes, midterms themselves are not nice at all. Throughout the week of countless breakdowns, we’re all little balls of stress, and whether you care about the tests or not, it’s most likely that you probably want to curl up in a ball and cry. But don’t worry, we have some tips that could possibly ease the pain.

  1. We know it’s hard when you want to stay up to get every last detail imprinted in your brain, but sleep is just as important as studying in most cases. Try your best to get enough sleep even if that means pushing yourself to go to bed or not reviewing that last bit of information you may not even remember on the day of the test. Having enough sleep will increase your performance.
  2. Start studying before the night/day before even if it’s just little snippets; it will help in the future and ease some stress because you won’t be cramming it all in the night before.
  3. Organize your notes if you saved them, read through them again, study past tests and questions you’ve gotten wrong, do some practice questions, try to anticipate what questions you’ll be asked, and if your teacher ever gives you hints or information on the test, take that and make sure you prepare with that most importantly. Reviewing is key, so just do the work and it will be worth it.
  4. Also, eat before your tests. Even if you’re running out the door, try to grab something fast and drink some water; it will wake you up.

There are countless other ways to conquer midterm week but from us to you, stay focused and good luck! Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll be one of those schools who gets therapy dogs for stress… that’d be pretty cool.


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license

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