Disney’s Faded Imagination

Jenna Monteagudo, Staff Writer


If someone asked me what the most exciting thing was in our childhoods, I would say Disney, and I think we can all agree with that.

Remember finding out that a new movie was being made and counting down the days to watch it in the movies with your whole family? A new story in every movie, from mermaids to toys that come to life, from monsters scared of kids to an ice princess.

Now… Disney is remaking these movies with real life people and animals. I have been talking about this ever since The Lion King’s remake was announced. The idea of our favorite movies now being changed in a way that some might not be able to imagine is not very thrilling. Disney is known for its amazing animation and crazy detail, which now seems to be missing, like in non-Disney movies. The fact that Disney is now “updating” classic animated movies that the millions of people have grown up with is just…  less than exciting and disappointing.

It’s not that I feel these movies are going to be bad, but when will Disney make more originals? Are we going to have to keep watching remakes? Are our kids and the next generation altogether never going to have a new classic to fall in love with? Many people are  upset that the “real life” characters are going to ruin how they picture some of their favorite animated characters. According to NME, a music, TV, and movie review website, one viewer (Nathan Blake) of the new Lion King live action trailer wrote, “The Lion King remake trailer is laughably bad in my opinion. CG looks awful. I skipped the Beauty and the Beast remake and I am definitely boycotting any future ones. When it comes to live action, stick to Broadway.”

People are also mad about the casting for  the new Aladdin movie. A Quora.com article states, “People were especially critical of Naomi Scott, who stars as Jasmine. Though some fans called her “white,” others point out that the 24-year-old actress is of Indian as well as British descent…. We never saw an Asian woman play Belle, or any fair-skinned Indian woman who was cast to play Cinderella in their respective live-action movie remakes. So what happened this time around? Am I to take that Disney doesn’t really care much about its non-white feature films? Aladdin  being the only Disney princess movie based on Arab culture,  fans are disappointed about the lack of diversity amongst the cast.

Disney’s movies are always going to be good. But why should they put so much effort into remaking movies rather than creating lots of new and improved animated ideas? Some people are excited to see their favorite movies come to life, but the new generation should be able to get excited about that new Disney movie full of surprises and original stories.