Op-Ed: No More Homework!

Escarlet Tavarez, Staff Writer

Students should not have homework because they already do enough work in school throughout the day. Although others may disagree and say it’s beneficial because it gives teachers an idea of what students already know or need to know, teachers already have the ability to measure progress through quizzes, tests, quarterlies, and midterms.

Homework is not beneficial to students. Often times students don’t put much thought into their work when they have too much homework. A lot of kids cheat off of each other’s homework just to guarantee themselves a hundred for a homework grade. Having homework can also be way too overwhelming and stressful when students are receiving work from various classes. In my opinion, grades should only be based off of the work you do in class. Think about it; we come from school after eight hours straight of learning about different topics in each individual class, just to exhaustingly have to do additional work. Eight hours of school should be enough to understand what you’re learning. Often times during the school day, kids have some free time to study. If you can’t learn everything you need in that time, there’s a problem. Instead of giving kids homework for them to understand the work, they should revise the schools teaching systems to ensure that the students understand the work they’re taught.

Homework also gets in the way of kids’ personal lives. There are times when parents need to go places with their kids but can’t because of homework. Homework infringes upon students’ family time.  School should be for learning and after school should be for extra curricular activities and your own personal hobbies. Did you know school causes a significant amount of stress that can affect children? “According to the National Sleep Foundation, teens need between eight and ten hours of sleep each night, but only 15 percent are even getting close to that amount. During the school week, most teens only get about six hours of zzz’s a night, and some of that sleep deficit may be attributed to homework.” As studies show, homework affects kids’ sleeping hours since they’re too busy worrying about getting the homework done.

Ultimately homework should not be given to students because kids already have tests, quizzes, and classwork to see what they know. It increases unnecessary stress levels in their lives, doing more negative than good and possibly even being the cause of worse grades.