The PB and J Gang

Jake Amato, Staff Writer

Once per month, the Saint Kilian Church helps the community by making and handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the homeless. This is an important event that helps the people in community who need it the most.

The most recent drive was on Thursday, January 4th and about 500 sandwiches were made for those struggling in the community. With the help of the many volunteers, the hope is that soon the number of sandwiches made will be able to reach close to and maybe over 1,000.

This drive is not only for the Saint Kilian Church; communities around the county and the state also take part in this event. All of these areas combined make thousands of sandwiches to help feed the poor and the homeless.

Many other students in the Farmingdale community also take part in this event as well.  Regardless of how many volunteers show up, “They make their goal every time,” according to Newsday. “The volunteers work very hard to reach their goal of sandwiches.”  The dedication of the kind- hearted individuals is clear at every sandwich-making event.

Overall, The PB and J Gang is an amazing organization that exists not only in our community, but other communities throughout the state. Sometimes, simple gestures such as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can make all the difference to someone in need.