Daler “Bald”

Erin Byrnes, Co-Editor-in-Chief

All around you people are hanging out with their families and friends, participating in raffles, and enjoying the Irish music blasted through the speakers. As you step back into the bar closer to the shaving stage you look up and find yourself overcome with this great wave of sorrow as you scan the images above your head of children who were diagnosed with cancer. Take a few steps back to look at them all in a row and the feeling grows as you notice over half of them are stamped with an angel picture, meaning they lost their battle with the disease.

Typically St. Patrick’s Day is thought of as a holiday filled with seas of green and the tradition of people drinking and eating the day away. However, here in Farmingdale, our traditions take a different form. Our tradition is to grow out our hair and beards in solidarity for childhood cancer research. And as it gets closer and closer to the holiday, the participants come together to participate in the St. Baldrick’s event, held at The Nutty Irishman on Main Street in Farmingdale, and shave all the hair they have been growing for months.

This year, St. Baldrick’s is going to be held the weekend after St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday March 24th, at The Nutty Irishman. As a part of the spirit, the Student Government Association has created a mini spirit week for the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (March 20th through 22nd) before the big event. Keep an eye out for details, as well as information on how to order custom St. Baldrick’s Daler gear!