“Shoe” Better Donate!

Grace Hungerford, Staff Writer

Starting February 1st, The Smile Club and the AHRC are hosting a school-wide shoe drive. We are accepting all kinds of gently worn or new shoes!  Boxes are located by the main office, in the Commons, and in the North Gym. There will be two boxes in each spot: one for shoes and one for sneakers. The boxes were decorated by club members during a Smile Club meeting!  

When donating, please rubber band or put the shoes in a plastic bag. After the shoes are collected and the drive is over, they will be sent to third world countries for people in need. The company helping us out to send the shoes to the countries is Funds2Go.org. In exchange for the shoes, the AHRC and Smile Club are receive money from the company which will be used for future events run by the clubs.. But don’t worry; all those receiving the shoes will not pay anything.

Our goal is to collect 20 bags of shoes! Please help us out by donating. This drive runs from February 1st to the 15th. If there are any questions regarding the shoe drive or Smile Club, please talk to Dr. Sperduto or Mrs. D’Aponte.


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license