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Single Awareness Day (aka Valentine’s Day)

Roses are red, violets are blue, I hate Valentine’s Day, just as much as you do.

Unfortunately, the days of receiving a Valentine from everyone in your class in elementary school are long over. Say goodbye to those corny Spongebob puns and say hello to real adulthood loneliness.

When I was was 7, Valentine’s Day meant coloring red hearts, giving my classmates the best valentine, and having a competition to see who got the most fun dip packets. Now ten years later, Valentine’s Day consists of binge watching Netflix and also watching The Notebook crying, while eating a tub of ice cream. Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is a day where many show their love to one another and buy each other gifts, chocolates, candy, etc. Some on this day also feel lonely that they don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend, and decide to sit home and eat candy/chocolates by themselves. To be honest, Valentine’s Day is me every day: sitting home, watching TV, binge watching Netflix, pigging out on food…

Valentine’s Day is just another annual holiday on the calendar; IT SHOULD NOT MEAN ANYTHING PERSONAL. It means absolutely nothing if you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Instead, show some appreciation to your mom, dad, grandparents, friends, even your dog! Make them a Valentine’s Day card or do some chores to show your appreciation. This Valentine’s Day, I’m showing my parents A LOT of appreciation only because I kinda, sorta crashed the car tehe 🙂

Also another helpful tip, my absolute personal favorite thing I love to do for Valentine’s Day: a day or two after, go to CVS after all the candy is 70% off and buy all the discounted candy you want! Trust me, do this and you’ll thank me later! Spend the day doing something you love too. Go for a run, take a nap, go to Apps with your friends. Whatever you like to do, do it. This is not the day to schedule your misery. Also, get in a good mood by listening to a single girl playlist and singing Beyoncé’s Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) at the top of your lungs. Valentine’s Day should be a day to love yourself and loved ones. Don’t mope around, feeling down about yourself. Love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye.


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license

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