Hallelujah Concert: Behind the Scenes

Maggie McGovern, Staff Writer

On Thursday December 13, 2018, Farmingdale High School had its annual Hallelujah Chorus concert. There was work put into this concert from so many people. There were musicians, conductors, and even crews. People mostly hear about the performers’ preparation and see them perform on a stage, but people tend to forget about the helping hands the crews provide, and most don’t even know what they really do. This year there was a Home Alone addition, where Ben Hoffman was Kevin, Dr. Thompson and Mr. Herman were the robbers, and Kevin’s mom was played by Mrs. Hoffman.

The crews involved were from the Farmingdale Playcrafters lighting crew, sound crew, and construction/running crew. The concert had four performing groups and for all four, the sound crew had to make sure that the microphones they were using and the speakers of the auditorium worked properly throughout the concert. They also recorded the concert from the very back of the auditorium where they stay at the soundboard. The sound crew can also add sound effects if they are needed.  

The lighting crew made sure that all the lights were functioning and changing on cues. The lighting crew also controls the side projectors and many cameras throughout the auditorium. When spotlights are needed, that also comes from the lighting booth. Lighting has one more job, and it’s pretty cool: they have control of the snow machine that was used at the end. The snow machine is up in the cat walk and is turned on from the lighting booth. Someone has to be at the snow machine when it is on to get the snow to spread out, otherwise it all just falls in one spot.

The backstage crew works with any sets or props needed. For the Home Alone addition, crew backstage prepared the paint cans, Christmas tree, step ladder, and sled beforehand and practiced with the musicians to get it all down. The crew backstage put out the step ladders and Christmas tree, they controlled the paint cans in the air, and they pushed the sled that Dr. Thompson and Mr. Herman got pushed in at the end.

The schools’ photography/video club were also involved in this concert. They took pictures and videos of the whole concert for the school. The video of this year’s concert and all other concerts and Farmingdale productions can be found on Youtube.

Without the help of all of these people, nothing that happens on a stage would run as smoothly as it should. If something goes wrong, it is usually fixed from somewhere behind the scenes. So next time you see anything in person, think about how much work goes into the entire production. It takes a lot of work to make any production good, but at Farmingdale, we take pride in our music and productions so we strive for the best. Performers and stage hands work equally as hard to make it the best experience possible.