RIP Stan Lee

Christopher Pruchnick, Staff Writer

Stan Lee’s legacy is one of the best known in modern pop culture. Stan Lee was the face of Marvel since his retirement from the position of editor-in-chief in the 1990s. Although Stan Lee has passed, the effect he had on the lives of thousands will never be forgotten by fans, casual and hardcore alike.

His legacy made comics cool, made being a nerd cool. Stan Lee inspired people to  do what they love and to put their heart into it. On a personal level, this all has meant a lot to  me. From his first comic to his last, he has never disappointed to bring a smile to my face.

Some of the comics that Stan Lee has helped create have given people role models to look up to. Some look up to Spider-Man for his morals or how there is a message that anyone can be Spider-Man in their own way; there are some who look up to Captain America for his patriotism or his never-say-die attitude.  

Many people looked forward to his cameos in the Marvel movies as well. These cameos are included in movies such as The Avengers, Deadpool, all the Spider-Man movies, and Doctor Strange to name a few. These appearances brought joy to many, with audiences reacting enthusiastically when Stan Lee shows up on screen.

Stan Lee is truly one of the greatest pop culture icons to ever live, and he will be missed.

* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license