District Pride

Jamie LaGattuta, Staff Writer

On February 7, 2019, Farmingdale High School hosted the All District Band Concert, bringing together student musicians from all six Farmingdale schools—elementary through high school. Each year, the All District Concert is a showcase that demonstrates the growth that takes place from the elementary to the high school level. Recently, I had the opportunity to go to the middle school and help the fifth and sixth graders learn their music in preparation for the concert.  

Going back to Howitt Middle School gave me deja vu and made me remember when I was in their shoes. I used to think that the music we were playing was so advanced, but then I would go to the high school concerts and be blown away and now I am one of those high school kids. There are plenty of kids looking up to our high school band and we have the power to inspire them and teach them how to be the best players they can be. While working with the kids, it was a breath of fresh air because they were so eager to learn and improve their skills. It’s funny to see what basic skills have not been acquired yet and what their main musical focuses are. And despite the fifth and sixth graders never meeting each other, they were one cohesive unit and played in harmony. And again instead of being shy kids with each other they did not hesitate to ask questions.

Then came concert day. Three hundred and thirty students all playing together with only standing room available in the auditorium. All the students were brought together to perform Armed Forces on Parade and Stars and Stripes Forever. Throughout the performance, anyone who served was invited to stand up and be recognized during their service song. Local Farmingdale veterans were invited to participate in the final act of the show. They carried American flags and led the high school’s drumline down the side aisles, while red, white, and blue balloons floated down on the audience, and confetti cannons were let off.  The energy in the auditorium was electric. Once the performance was over, everyone in the audience was on their feet and happiness was radiating from everyone. The concert was a great way to unify musicians district wide, honor those who have served for us, and most of all show what being a Daler represents.