Art Honor Society Collects for Sloan Kettering

Jessica Mannhaupt, Staff Writer

National Art Honor Society is an amazing organization that frequently gets involved in giving back to the community in a creative way. We offer face painting at many school events, create artistic projects for other organizations, and overall add color to the Farmingdale community. I have been a part of this honor society for three years and eventually worked my way up to president. I can honestly say that it is one of the most welcoming clubs in the school. Our meetings consist of students working together diligently and creating bonds through our love of art and creativity.

This year, we have embarked on a charity event collecting art supplies for pediatric cancer patients at Sloan Kettering Hospital. We are hoping to send our love of art and it’s healing qualities to very special and deserving children. These donations are in honor of Farmingdale student Hailey Vanatko’s father, who unfortunately passed away from cancer in 2015. Hailey visited the children’s ward at Sloan while her father was being treated, and her heart spoke loudly. Hailey and the National Honor Society would like to give back to the Sloan Kettering Hospital for giving so much to our community.

Here’s how you can help bring smiles to the children treated at Sloan Kettering Hospital. Donations can be dropped off in the box in the main office as soon as possible. The Art Honor Society will be creating art kits. All materials must be new and wrapped, due to risk of infection. Some donation ideas include colored pencils, crayons, pencils, markers, art paper and sketchbooks, oil pastels, coloring books, erasers, and sharpeners. There will be a $10 donation per box for a child with cancer. Please help bring comfort, joy, and smiles to children in need!