Farmingdale Track and Field

Jenna Monteagudo, Staff Writer

On Wednesday,  January 9th, Farmingdale’s track and field team had its last crossover meet for both the girls and boys teams. The meet was held  at St. Anthony’s indoor track at 6:15pm. The team, filled with excitement and adrenaline, got ready to cram onto the bus and head to St. Anthony’s.  Being the last crossover meet of the winter season, the team felt bittersweet that the seniors would soon be leaving, losing teammates that they call family. On the 45 minute bus ride, the girls bus blasted music and sang  along to the loud, energy-filled songs. Finally, it was time for everyone to get off and run through the doors to the track. Walking in, we saw the other schools’ athletes warming up and getting ready. With about eight schools at the meet, the bleachers were packed by fans of all schools, with the Farmingdale section at the end side of the bleachers. After we put on our  uniforms and joined the warmups, we had about 15 minutes to stretch and get ourselves ready for the meet to begin.

After the teams were called to go back to the bleachers and rise for the pledge, the field athletes head to their events, and race walkers began racing. As the boy pole vaulters began to compete, several boys failed to get over the bar. Unfortunately, after about an hour, Farmingdale hadn’t gone as far as we had hoped, and a Hewlett boy came in first. Girl vaulters were next, with a Hewlett student again making  it the furthest in the competition.

Next, the hurdlers were brought out and were ready to race. As this race was going on, triple jump, long jump, and shot put competes as well. After hurdles, the 55 meter dash was called and boys were up first. From Farmingdale, Dakotah Mathis and Andre Leslie competed in the finals with the top 5 times in their races. Long distance events were  then called. Boys went first, running laps on laps around the small 200 meter track. Afterward, the girls ran and did the same. At the end of the races, the crowd and competitors stand up and cheer for their team as the first runners pass the finish line. The runners were out of breath and looked relieved and excited.

After the meet,  Farmingdale’s track and field team went back to the buses in the cold. Everyone was tired and out of energy, having given their all in their final races. Some were sad that their last indoor track season was coming to an end, while others were happy with having won their race or even broken their personal record. Exhausted but proud, the whole team sat, satisfied with the end of an amazing season.