Scrolling Through the Bottomless Pit

Jessica Mannhaupt, Staff Writer

Social media. The term that essentially defines our generation. Masked by the word “social” although in reality it is the complete opposite. I long for a time when eyes were not glued to phones, obsessed with the algorithm that apparently gives validity to our lives. The beautiful branches of our mind are becoming minimal, being chopped every minute we choose to refresh the app. Leaves that are supposed to blossom into something lush and green are falling on the ground, one after the other. There is potential in the background to keep the beauty of the brain alive; however, in the media-driven age, they might as well already be burned to dust.

Infants are given iPads at family dinners instead of coloring books. Children are learning to speak to pixels instead of eyes, playing the newest app instead of reading the newest book. Teens are interacting through group chats, snapchats, any “chat” other than purest form of the word. Adults and parents are so busy talking about their “good old days” that they are ignoring that their children’s “good old days” will be poisoned by memories of these toxic habits. Senior citizens are appalled at the young generation, but they continue to be fascinated by how Google has the answers to all their questions. It is spreading to every generation. No one is safe from the vast world that is social media.

What has happened to the human race? Relying on number of followers, likes, comments, to amount to what? Do these pixels on a screen determine our purpose to the world? Will these leaves continue to fall? When will this deathly cycle end? Every minute we choose to spend our time scrolling through the bottomless pit, we lose pieces of our character, pieces of our potential to become something much more meaningful. Pieces of our humanity are slowly slipping away, falling victim to this digital age.

* Photo by Jessica Mannhaupt