Coffee House 2019

Ann Burns and Escarlet Tavarez

During the past few school years, the FHS Ambassadors club has sought to use their growing popularity to educate and inform students on social issues and help develop the skills they need to discuss these issues. The club pushes critical thinking and helps with public speaking as well. Members are allowed to choose topics and discuss them. Students can decide to talk about anything, with topics ranging from  gun control and poverty, to the effects of social media. Earlier in the year, Ambassadors Club president, Francesca Zamora, as well as other chapter presidents from New York City, met to discuss starting new fundraisers and to figure out how to make the existing ones more effective.

The most recent event, Coffee House Night, took place on February 1st and was sponsored by Stuff A Bagel. The event sought to raise money for Girls Learn International, an organization that helps build schools and supply them with the necessary tools.

Tickets for Coffee House Night included a cup of coffee or hot chocolate to help attendees embrace the calm, easygoing mood surrounding the night. Students auditioned weeks prior and rehearsed up until the night of. From rock bands and stunning soloists, to cutesy duets, and everything in between, the talent displayed that night was unforgettable to say the least. The concept itself is something that separates this event from other school sanctioned ones. Instead of on the stage, performers are on the same level as the audience, making the performance much more vulnerable and meaningful than if it was given from a stage. Gabriella Sferlazza, a performer and attendee that night says, “It creates more of an intimate relationship between the audience and the performer, leading to a much more vulnerable performance that not only means more to the performer, but to the audience as well.” Ambassadors Club secretary, Emily Portillo, added that coffee night was a good night to meet new people and see their talents. She said she felt “at peace, very comfortable, and at home.”

Afterwards they played a short video called “The Girl Effect: The Clock Is Ticking,” to show the audience what Coffee House Night supports. This film showed that girls, when educated, can make a difference and improve their community. Coffee house night earned a total of 400 dollars for Girls Learn International.