FHS “After Dark”

Julian Dabydeen, Staff Writer

Farmingdale High School. It’s a place full of talented dreamers and artists, from the  sciences to music. I was able to see this talent first hand in a small band called After Dark. What is After Dark you may ask? It’s an alternative band formed by high schoolers Dominique Spina, John Maturo, Jack Dibernardo, and Joe Connors. This group of friends came together from different platforms of music to make create their own music together. I had the honor of listening to their outstanding first performance. The band even incorporated themselves into FHS’s Coffee House Night, where Farmingdale recognizes students’ talents in a fun night full of fun and friends. Isn’t it insane that we have these people with this much musical talent in our very own town?

In the midst of school and managing life in general, they still manage to practice at least three times a week. Jack DiBernardo, while contemplating how they can somehow manage all of this on top of added school stress, comments, “I’ve been bouncing around times to have time for homework, a social life, and my band. I always try to create time for all three.” Each band member has a sense of responsibility to their bandmates.

Their personal connection with one another also contributes to the band’s success. Leader singer Dominique Spina said, “We were all friends beforehand, but it brings us all together. We’re much closer.”

After Dark is really a band that highlights what this district is capable of and the talent present throughout the community.