Are We Ready?

Antonia Brienza, Staff Writer

As the end of the school year is quickly approaching, students begin to feel rushed and anxious about their future. From fear to excitement, and from sadness to happiness, many seniors are racing to finish off the year strong and start a new part of their life. Whether we seniors are ready for the end or not, there’s no stopping the passing of time. Nothing is going to slow down. Senior year is coming to an end and many students have not truly processed it yet. Some students don’t want to accept this and fear the future, while others are excited and more than ready to leave high school behind.

Senior Gabriella Toma is more than excited to leave for college. Although she is leaving all her friends from home behind, she is ready to meet new people and make new connections. Personally, I am beyond ready to get out of high school. There is not much left here for me anymore, except my family of course. I have already made great relationships with people who are going to my college choice, and I look forward to starting a new exciting time in my life.

Senior Alayna Camisa shared her thoughts on this topic: “It’s weird seeing everyone grow up and seeing everyone driving now. Remembering people from middle school, I wonder what people will do in the future with their careers. We’re not gonna see half of these people again. It’s weird how we’re gonna get so much freedom.” Senior Jessica Mannhaupt added  to these thoughts, saying, “It’ll be good to get around new people and get a fresh start.”

Although graduating  and leaving will be bittersweet, I am ready. It’s time! A couple of more months awaits us, and we should enjoy the lasts of everything. Senior banquet, graduation, and the senior breakfast will all be here before we know it, and we’ll be saying our goodbyes and wishing everyone the best as we leave one by one. Our faces will be filled with tears both sad and happy, but also filled with hope. We will always hold onto the memories of high school. Are you ready?