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Spring Fever!

Ah  spring… the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and motivation to do schoolwork is at a steady decline. Similar to our other studying tips, as the weather gets nicer, we’re here with some tips to fuel your motivation to finish the year strong. I mean hey, we got past AP testing and for seniors you got through decision day so half the stress is taken away. But for those who still have Regents or finals or end-of-the-year papers and projects, hang in there, the end is near.

Now, typically, the nicer weather gives me more motivation because the sun and the warm breeze put me in an ecstatic mood most of the time. Of course this also comes with the mood to just hang outside with friends, without getting anything I need to do done. This time of year is perfect because it’s not too hot and sticky but still warm, so take advantage. Sit outside and do your schoolwork to get fresh air and a change of surroundings after sitting inside a school all day. Being outdoors relieves stress, so why not take in the beautiful conditions while getting some work done. Also, if you’re not involved in a spring sport, do your own activity! Whether you go for a run or walk after school or ride your bike, physical activity improves focus and alertness so what better to do than get in some exercise before you delve into your piles of work. Use your spring fever to push through these last dragging weeks.

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