Why Go Away to College?

Jake Amato, Staff Writer

When it comes to college, a student’s choice of whether or not to dorm has always been one of the toughest.The most obvious reason against it is of course the financial burden and the idea of leaving behind friends and family that are very close and important, but for some people the idea of self-sufficiency, independence, and new experiences is more of a driving force to leave despite the cost. This topic is complicated but also very important, since it is usually very stressful and is one of the most important decisions in a young adult’s life.

Deciding on where to go for college is a very tough decision, but in the end it is ultimately one you have to make on your own. Knowing your personality and what kind of person you are will really help you make this choice. If you like being independent and are responsible for yourself, going away would be a good option, while if you struggle to do things without your parents and could not imagine moving to an entirely new place then consider staying much closer to home. As stated by one student, “I’d much rather go away to college to spread my wings and spend some time away from my family.” This statement highlights how many people, depending on their personality, may find it better to go away and spend some time away from the love and support they receive from friends and family. Others, however, can’t imagine surviving without the support system they have at home.

Thanks to the many teachers and guidance counselors at Farmingdale High School, this decision does become much easier, in general. Some will say to “get you out of your comfort zone”  and “expand your horizons”; according to the Huffpost, “There is so much out there to explore.” By going away the possibilities and opportunities are endless; it can help put life into perspective. Not having your parents around to help with everything will help you become more independent and better suited to survive in the real world that will ultimately be very unforgiving. Many adults throughout Farmingdale High School feel it is also good to go away in order to see new places and be someplace where you’re not familiar with your surroundings; you’ve been around the same things for years, and a change can help you to develop a better sense of direction in your life.

Overall, there are many benefits and drawbacks when considering whether or not going away to college is the right choice for you. Thanks to the countless resources available, there are many ways to make this decision as easy as possible, but in the end only you can be the one to make it.