Opinion: Social Media and the New Alabama Abortion Law

Madison Burke, Staff Writer

Alabama recently passed a law that outlawed abortion at any stage of pregnancy, with only an exception if the mother’s life is at risk. This topic is difficult for me because I really have trouble coming to terms with where I stand on it. I understand both sides of the argument and I respect everyone’s opinion. On one side, I think there are many justifiable reasons to have an abortion and women should not be shamed or attacked if they do. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with abortion, but I don’t feel its right to shame women who have had one, because you don’t know what their situation is and what they’re going through. But on the other hand, I understand the pro-life side of the argument because even though the baby isn’t fully developed yet, eventually, it will be. It is still a life and I firmly believe that. I feel that these days people are unfairly forced to choose a side of the argument. Everything is so defined as black and white, but in actuality, it’s okay to fall in the grey area.  

One thing that genuinely bothers me about the topic is all the posts about it on social media, especially on Instagram. My Instagram feed is flooded with people reposting pictures from feminist and activist accounts on their stories. I love to see people getting involved in politics, but I don’t believe this is the right way to do it. There has been so much wrong information spread because of these posts. Also, reposting a picture on your Instagram story, as well as words that are not even your own, really won’t accomplish anything, to be blunt. If you really want to make a change read up on the topic, make real posts (not just on your story) in your own words, and find organizations to get involved in; there is so much you can do. Reposting a picture so your few hundred followers can see it is not going to change the law. Also, if you are going to go public and post about your opinion expect people to disagree with it, and when they do you have to respect their opinion as well. If people respectfully disagree with you, that is not a reason to attack them and tell them they are wrong and try and make them seem like the bad guys.

There have been way too many posts I have seen where people are just bashing the person on opposing side; it’s truly sad because if you are actually trying to make a change, fighting over social media posts is not the way to do it. Overall, I am not pro-life or pro-choice, I understand and respect both parties, but I am pro-making a change. So if you want to do something about the abortion law, no matter what side you’re on, go out and do it.