John Wick: Another Success

Louis Guidone, Staff Writer

John Wick is all the rave the past few weeks, with the drop of the third installment of the series. It’s no surprise as to why the series is so successful, with action that doesn’t let you breathe and effects that rival reality. The success of John Wick is surprising, as the trend of popular movies people watch tend to have dramatic actions with deep and rich plots spanning many movies, like Avengers.

If you haven’t seen any of the John Wick movies, make that happen as soon as possible because they are all superb. So now that you have seen all three, and you loved all three, why is it so popular? Simply put, the action filled scenes appeal to everyone’s tough cool side. You also now understand how similar these movies feel to cheesy over-the-top action movies from the 80s, while being infinitely more classy and enjoyable. The modern cinematic effects also play greatly in this, shaving away the cheesy effects for those with more oomph. When John Wick hits, it has a feeling of power behind it, and the same feeling is used by the guns and gunfights. ┬áJohn Wick movies are more realistic feeling as well, while still pulling off incredible feats, nothing feels out of the realm of possibility or is too abstract. The acting is great, comedy is apparent at the right times and the action scenes roll into one another, not giving you time to breathe.

While the plot is simple and no doubt plays a side role to the meat of the movie, it is still enjoyable with a couple of good moments here and there. Plot in this movie is welcome and it does have you wonder what is gonna happen next, but it is a bit cliche, which would be expected from a movie of this style. The movie succeeds at everything it tries to do, and does it all very well and leaves fans anticipating a new installment of the series.