Panic! Personal Space

Chris Pruchnick, Staff Writer

As Panic! At The Disco has been touring for their newest album, “Pray For The Wicked,” there has been one problem: people kissing lead singer, Brendon Urie, as he walks through the crowds performing. Now some may think that this isn’t a big issue, but there is one thing people are forgetting; he is human too and would most likely want personal space as all of us do.

Personal space is definitely important to me as much as it can be to other people and it’s something that most people agree should be given. However, there is also the issue that there are people who don’t exactly know why personal space is so important, and that’s where the issue lies for a large majority of people. Everyone seemingly likes to have their own “bubble” of where they are comfortable with how close people are to them. Some might not mind people being a bit close or some might want people a bit further than what would be seen as normal, and that’s completely fine because everyone is different.

When these boundaries are broken it may seem that it is the worst thing in the world, and in some cases it can be for some people because of how much they value it. This is also most likely true in the case of Brendon Urie as he came out and publicly asked fans, “Please stop kissing me on the death walk. Please stop kissing me. Please.” In my personal opinion, I feel that just because you are a celebrity, that doesn’t mean you should have to push aside the things that make you uncomfortable to make other people happy.