Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse of Awesome Animation

Chris Pruchnick, Staff Writer

*Contains Spoilers (even though its been out since December)*

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is finally streaming on several platforms, and it definitely does not disappoint. The movie came out in theatres on December 14th, and it received nothing short of great reviews. The thing that got most comic fans and Spider-Man fans alike excited was that it was Miles Morales’ first big screen appearance since his comic debut in 2011.

This movie is practically a love letter to Spider-Man fans because of how much it follows the source material, while being able to be its own thing at the same time. The art styles that were given to each character blend perfectly together and give each character a very distinct look, making it easier to tell the difference between each of them.

Sony has developed their own animation technology for this film. They basically took 2D images and put them over the 3D models, and even used traditional comic book shading and coloring techniques on both the character models and background pieces. This decision also led to Sony not animating in 4’s like most animated films do; they filmed the movie in 2’s, giving the film a less fluid feeling. Animating in 2’s basically holds the image in a specific pose for a couple frames longer, almost giving this specific movie a more comic book feel to it.

This movie is, in my personal opinion, a very fun and lighthearted movie, while also being able to show some more subtle details such as how it’s hinted that Peter B. Parker is depressed, but is able to overcome it by the end of the movie.