It: Chapter 2

Kayla Timmerman, Co-editor-in-chief

Looking for a movie that can turn an old, classic horror into an amazing, modern film? I think I have got the movie for you. The perfect mix of horror, comedy, and bittersweet moments, It: Chapter 2 is a movie that can appeal to everyone in some way. From teenagers who just love horror, to middle aged people who saw the original and want to see this modern version, all kinds of people were excited to see Pennywise in action, which is what has made this movie a great success already. The Hollywood Report says, “New Line’s R-rated It: Chapter Two opened to $91 million domestically… overseas, the R-rated pic scared up $94 million from 75 markets for $185 million globally. The only horror pic to start off with more was It.” Being a hit already, this movie differed from its previous chapter and the original in many ways, giving a new and welcoming feel to the story.

*Spoilers Ahead*

At the end of Chapter 1, the Losers promised to return to Derry if It ever returned so that they can end him once and for all. 27 years later, signs of Pennywise arise and Mike, who remained in Derry all this time, called all the Losers back to their hometown to have them reunite and end this horror from their childhood before more children die at the hands of Pennywise. Throughout the movie, each Loser comes face to face with their childhood trauma, reliving new and horrifying moments from Pennywise himself. Since Pennywise is a shapeshifting clown, he was able to change into many different terrifying beings, or remain in his iconic clown form, to taunt the adult Losers. These created some of the scariest moments in the movie. With many jumpscares and the most fake blood used in any horror movie ever, it is definitely worthy of being scary, effectively earning It: Chapter 2 its horror movie categorization.  

As with every movie, not everyone will feel the same way about it. Some people loved It: Chapter 2, some weren’t the biggest fans, and some had other opinions entirely. Alex McLevy from The A.V. Club says, “It’s a bad horror movie, but it works rather well as a comedy—or rather, a comic drama about adults trying to come to terms with their lingering childhood traumas.” Whether It: Chapter 2 was your favorite version so far, or you thought it could have been better, there is definitely something in this movie for everyone. All fans can all appreciate this movie in their own film-loving way. It: Chapter 2 was a huge success, and in my mind, it is worth every ounce of success it achieves.