The Importance Of Summer Jobs


Frank Vereline, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Jobs are an inherently boring task. To spend all day completing the same tasks over and over again will begin to wear on a person, especially for teens. It’s one thing if said job is a career that you choose yourself, but for those still in high school, a smaller job pool means getting sick of waiting tables and scanning barcodes quickly . But, what if there were jobs that kept your interest for years on end? And what if these jobs that only existed for a few months at a time? Well, that is why summer jobs exist.

While an ideal summer vacation for most would be spent lounging around at the beach all day, the majority of people live in a world where that is  not an option. Most have to work, because as we all know, money is a necessity to live in the modern world. But that’s why summer jobs are different than your typical 9-to-5; they are much more laid back. At a summer job, the work you’re expected to complete is leagues lighter than a career, or even school. That’s not to say you do nothing, as I can tell you from personal experience as a lifeguard, you never know when you’ll need to spring into action. But the workload  is manageable from the start, and there is not a stressful mountain of a task you need to overcome. 

Personally, I feel that work is work, and that the tasks you complete at your occupation should remain there without following you home, but that is not the world we live in. Work, and even school, does not end once you return home for the night. There will always be another mission for you to complete later on. But that’s the best part of summer jobs- they exist in their own bubble, where work and play are completely separate from one another. They allow you to keep certain aspects of your summer life separate, which I would assume for most, is a positive, as you can have your full attention on one or the other. 

Aside from making the summer more enjoyable, and making you some money in the process, summer jobs also serve as great opportunities to open yourself up to new experiences  and possible future prospects. While I can’t speak for everyone, I can tell you that my summer job has directly influenced my choice in career. Throughout my time as a lifeguard in the summer, the prospect of becoming a nurse in the future has become what I plan to do in life. If you still aren’t sure what you want to do after high school, look into taking a summer job once this year of classes ends, as it very well may be the key to your future. 

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The Importance Of Summer Jobs