Immunity In Music: A New Perspective

Julian Dabydeen, Staff Writer

When we think of music, it’s just something that pleases the ears. While yes, this is true, it can also be a coping mechanism for another person or even just something that we hold special in our hearts, as music can be there for the most important parts of our lives. 

Music is a spectrum of things in my life. A song can mean a lot to me in that exact moment. Whether I’m struggling with a personal issue or experiencing an emotion that can relate to that exact song, it makes me admire the concept of music even more: sounds, beats, and lyrics morphing into something beautiful, something that can make me feel immune to everything that’s going on around me. Claire Cottrill (stage name Clairo), in her debut album Immunity, pulls on one’s heartstrings. The album touches on trust and inner emotions, love that we sometimes can’t understand as well as toxic relationships and insecurity. Looking deeper into each track, I personally was able to relate to an emotion or a past experience. Immunity puts a new perspective on the genre of music as a whole by making you feel like you have a place in the environment you’re in. Immunity is an album that dignifies human emotion and reminds us all we are human. I highly recommend listening to this album; listen to it when you have free time, from beginning to end in one sitting, in order to really experience the wave of what I felt. 

It makes a good amount of sense that the media has picked up on the album. Apple Music has put the album on it’s “Up Next” list, and it continues to skyrocket daily with over 6.5 million streams total. 

Music lives on within the people, and that’s what gives us immunity.