Daler Pride at Its Best 

Terrilyn Brennan, Staff Writer

Hours of preparation: sewing, cutting shirts, painting various green and white stripes on our faces. The many trips to Michael’s, Party City, and AC Moore to find the perfect essentials for the week that only comes around once a year. No regret of the burning credit card being swiped and charged over and over again. For some it’s their last year. The last time jumping up and down on the bleachers, walking through the halls with customized outfits and taking pictures that will be soon be forgotten.

From Captain America Monday to Hometown Heros Friday, each student cherishes the moments with one another, with each grade competing to see who has better spirit. Day after day, eyes follow the individuals that dare to be unique. Each day is a different theme  dedicated to the super heroes students enjoy and admire on the big screen. In a way the week of Homecoming gives some a chance to release their inner child. All the days lead up to one final day, mini fair day, the day when everyone stuffs their faces with food and and feels the rush of random sugar highs.

The anticipation grows as each student sits in class, the time ticking away as the teacher speaks about the lesson of the day. The various faces slowly begin to glow, the time inches closer and closer. The tapping of each foot begins to increase, the pens begin to tap the desk harder. The bell sounds throughout the school, all the students stand up and run out the door. From any normal eye, some would say that is was just a normal day at Farmingdale High School. But today is different, the whole school is ready for the annual homecoming fair. The tables are set, the food is placed out and the multiple clubs are ready to serve. Within minutes of the second bell, hundreds of students fill the commons. 

Kids in groups stand around each individual table handing over crumpled green bills. Green and white is pouring out of each student’s pours. Throughout the day the commons is wild with excitement. On a normal day lunch seems to go by so slowly and classes can drag on, but on Friday the periods seem to go quickly, the food disappearing and the excitement in the building palpable. A tradition at Farmingdale High School, this is homecoming fair. 

I had the great pleasure of working at the fair all four years. When my last period ends, I walk through the commons one last time. I hold onto my bag and slowly turn, smiling at the underclassmen. I close my eyes and remember the screams, the cheers and the music I witnessed only a couple years ago. I never knew that something so small could create such a great atmosphere. Everyone gathers on homecoming day just to eat and laugh with each other; there’s no judgment. The day would come to a close and the real event would begin: Pep Rally.

Filled with the stomping and screaming of fellow Dalers, the pep rally represents the best of our school spirit. The gym floors rumble as we prepare for the big game. It’s hard to believe that soon this would be nothing but a memory. Homecoming week is something that Dalers cherish, and our pride cannot be ignored. The costumes,  laughter, and enthusiasm will forever be with us and that’s all that matters. 

* Photo courtesy of Lifetouch