FHS Has Real Harmony

Madison Outing, Staff Writer

In May of 2019,The R.E.A.L Harmony staff put together an article talking about the new ethnic club supporting diversity in the school. However, in my opinion as the CEO and Founder of the club, there were some crucial points that were left out.

On February 4th 2019 a snapchat was posted with hateful speech targeted towards black students. Now what do you think goes through our minds seeing such hateful words from a fellow classmate telling us we are worthless, and we deserve nothing but to die? How do you think that makes us feel? Enraged, confused, hurt,and upset. But instead of retaliating, we decided to withstand it, to not let it disturb our peace. On April 17th, 2019, we held our first annual Multicultural Showcase. Our showcase included two acts per period, featuring different cultures. We displayed these cultures by using, songs, dances, and even a fashion display.

Just as the article covered ,we had an  “Afro-Caribbean fusion dance, a hip-hop dance, a Latino fusion dance, and a performance by our Steppin’ Dalers. Portions of the show were interactive with audience members participating in some dances. The show was a huge success and was well-received by students, faculty, staff, and administration.” 

Respect, Education, Alliance, and Love. This is what this club stands for, but it’s also a place for us as a community and school of persons of different races and ethic ties, to come together in unity and to not let anything divide us. 

More new and exciting changes are to come. For more information, contact the faculty advisors of the club, Mrs.Kramer and Ms.Morales. 

The REAL Harmony Club meets on Thursdays in room 120. All are welcome.