Endgame: The End or Just the Beginning?

Ann Burns, Editor


¨Part of the journey is the end.¨ For most, it’s more of an end of an era. 

Personally, I cried my eyes out for most of the movie. I like to consider it three hours of blissful hell. Well worth the time and money of seeing it not just once, but multiple times in my opinion. The directors, the Russo Brothers, do a phenomenal job of creating the perfect ending to an 11-year saga with characters that have lived with people of all ages and multiple generations. It is a movie you can see with friends and family, because almost everyone knows these characters. The MCU has managed to become a cinematic universe that has withstood the test of time better than any other, and this most certainly is not the end of it. Endgame is not the end of the MCU for good, but rather the end of some of our favorite characters, breaking our hearts while leaving just enough room to let in the new leaders. These characters have been the Avengers from the start, and their journey has come to a halting, tragic, yet beautiful end. They slowly brought in new heroes to follow in the footsteps of the originals; these characters are the future of the Avengers and deserve just as much love as we gave the original six. 

Keeping all this in mind, I ask you, is Endgame really the end? Yes, monumental characters have died or passed the torch, but for most characters, this movie is just the beginning. Even Thor, one of the original six Avengers whose journey was believed to have been ending with the movie, has joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, starting a new chapter in his life that continues in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It is confirmed that there will be a third volume to Guardians of the Galaxy. Spider-man is making a comeback with his new movie, supposedly taking over for Tony Stark. Happy is going to help Peter follow in Tony’s footsteps, meaning the legacy of Iron Man will forever live on. And what about Morgan Stark? She is also Tony’s legacy. So while there is an end, we are also given a fresh start with this new team. We have another set of superheroes to follow for another 11 years. This movie wasn’t a way for the Russo Brothers to torture us, but instead a heartbreakingly fitting close to one chapter, and the refreshing opening of another. The MCU has so much more in store for us, and I for one think that Endgame is not a final goodbye, but rather the closure we needed to allow ourselves to wholeheartedly love and embrace the emergence of a new generation of Avengers.