Seniors Turn Woodward Into Jurassic Parkway

Kayla Timmerman, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The walk to Woodward Parkway in the rain was not ideal, but memorable nonetheless. 

The FHS Halloween parade is truly iconic. From the planning, to the judging, to the parade, every step makes the Halloween parade as amazing as it is every year, and the Class of 2020 lived up to the hype.

The planning starts way before Halloween, when the summer humidity is still in the air. Getting the people in your group together and discussing ideas of what you could be is what starts it all. Being the most creative and standing out most amongst everyone else is what every group wants. Crazy, creative ideas are brainstormed, and once a group finds one that everyone loves, they start to plan how to execute the idea. Many groups spend countless hours, and maybe too much money, on creating their costumes. However, on Halloween day, all the time and money spent is worth it.

Now, it is Halloween Day. Seniors show up bright-and-early at 7:30 in the morning, ready to show off their costumes, and eager to see what this year has in store. This is a great time to meet up with friends, get groups together, and take pictures. Laughter fills the Commons and cafeteria as brand new hilarious and creative costumes come into the school. For the Class of 2020, we had some of the most creative ones yet, including cars, Flintstones, Alice in Wonderland, airplanes, the circus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jim Halpert from The Office, infomercial guys, the Spongebob cast, and Jurassic Park, which had a giant dinosaur, that surprisingly actually fit through the doors. This year’s class did not disappoint when it came to creativity, and most groups went all out with their costumes, truly showing our school spirit and making the parade the best it could be. 

This year’s parade was almost canceled due to rain. Even though seniors were on edge about whether or not the parade was going to get cancelled, everyone still showed up as if nothing could go wrong. Finally, at around 9:15, the rain wasn’t as bad as we thought, and the show still went on. All the seniors were thrilled, and were more than excited to walk in the rain. The walk to Woodward Parkway was just as fun as it was crazy. The kids loved our costumes, and they looked just as cool in their costumes as we did. At the end of the day, it’s all for the kids, so it really made it worth it. We all walked back together, in the rain, glad the parade went on, and getting to experience the tradition. 

The Class of 2020 truly never disappoints. All the planning and prepping for this day, was all completely worth it. Seeing our whole class, dressed up in crazy costumes, truly made me feel like a senior, and that these are the moments I’m going to look back and miss the most. So, if you’re a junior, sophomore, or freshman, look forward to this day. Go all out, and have the best time; you will miss it when it’s over. 

* Picture by Lifetouch