Ms. Morales Creates a Safe Place for FHS Students

Christina Kuriakose, Staff Writer

Anxiety, depression, trouble at home, racism, suicidal thoughts: these are things many students struggle with. However, most don’t know how to deal with these issues or have anyone to talk to about them. That’s where Ms. Morales steps in. Ms. Morales helps students working through issues and provides a safe place for everyone in the school. She helps students to see others’ point of view and understand how to deal with the problem head on. Ms. Morales works with the deans and other staff members as well. This is only her second year working in Farmingdale High School, but she has developed wonderful, respectful relationships with the students. She is an example to all and, without fail, makes sure to take care of everyone’s needs. She has gone above and beyond with helping others, from starting clubs to arranging culture days, to simply sitting down in her office and listening when needed. 

Ms. Morales hopes to continue positively affecting the school by developing relationships with students and families. She says, “The best part of being a school social worker is that young teenagers give me the opportunity to be part of their life and be someone that they can trust.” Morales believes that students will gain more if she has a deeper connection with them. Her students motivate her and she believes each student is unique in their own way. She says her students are what keep her going. 

Morales’s colleagues describe her as someone that is highly motivated to work on the team and someone who collaborates well with others. “Communication is key, I try my best to communicate with my colleagues if there are any issues or concerns in regards to any of our students,” says Morales. 

Morales decided to become a social worker because she developed a sense of wanting to help others. She came to the United States when she was 10 years old and had to adjust herself to a new culture and language. “I remember I was struggling in school and was having a hard time transitioning. Thankfully, the ESL teacher that was assigned to supervise me in 5th grade made a huge impact in my life. She made sure she taught me English, and helped me feel welcomed and accepted in school.” Morales has also made The Newcomers Group, for new students that are immigrants. She created this group to help everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Morales also helped create Real Harmony and put on a Culture Day last year in the Commons of the high school. She also goes to health classes and gives presentations to the students. 

Morales believes that she owes her success to mother. As a single parent, she made sure Morales stayed motivated. When Morales is faced with obstacles, she makes sure she communicates with her coworkers to keep them informed of any issues. If she finds herself getting overwhelmed, Morales seeks help from her mentor. It’s inspiring to see that the person we all look to for help is also human.