After Dark Lights Up FHS

Kayla Timmerman, Co-Editor-in-Chief

We all know that Farmingdale High School is full of amazingly talented people. We have great musicians, singers, dancers, performers, and many more. A group of talented people I think everyone should know about is a band called After Dark. After Dark is made up of three of our very own students from the Class of 2021: Dominique Spina, Jack Dibernardo, and Joe Connors. With Dominique being the lead singer and bassist, Jack the guitarist, and Joe the drummer, this trio puts on quite the show. 

After an interview with the members of the band, I was able to learn a lot more about them. Dominique says, “We have been a band for a little over a year.” She continued, “It got started by Jack and I wanting to start to play instruments together, but we couldn’t find a drummer, so Joe joined us.” They have performed at places like FHS’ very own Coffee House and Pops Concert, as well as the town’s Music on Main over the summer. According to Jack, “We choose what songs to play based on our musical taste.” 

So what’s their favorite part about performing and being in a band? “I would have to say that my favorite part about being in a band is just being on the stage, and literally not thinking about anything else except the music we’re performing,” says Joe Connors. Clearly, this band loves music and performing, and the passion is what makes bands as great as they are.

Overall, this group is extremely talented, and I think groups like these are what make Farmingdale High School stand out amongst every other school. Our school is packed full of talent, and this band is just one part of it. After Dark is an amazing group, so next time you hear that they are putting on a show or performing at a school event, I highly recommend that you go and see them; it is truly worth it for this band. 

Follow them on instagram, @official.after.dark, to get updates on their next performance!