Mr. Viik, The Most Epic of Teachers

Matthew Boyle, Staff Writer

Possibly the most important aspect of any school is its faculty, specifically its teachers. After all, they’re the ones that  guide the students throughout their entire school career. They’re the ones that supply students with the information, tools, and techniques they need to succeed in whatever career they choose to pursue. A teacher needs several qualities in order to be the most effective in teaching their students, and Mr. Jonas Viik checks off all these boxes. 

Mr. Viik cares deeply about his students. He is always walking around, trying to give help to every student he can. He explains things in the simplest terms he can, while also making it digestable for students,  and I’m always able to understand what he says. All of his assignments teach me one thing or another, are never pointless or just busywork, and they never feel pointless or out of place. Both his methods and his character are exceptional, and it’s these qualities that make his already appropriate teachings even easier to understand. In addition to this, he also takes time to get to know his students. I’ve had Mr. Viik for three years now, and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that he cares for all of his students, and wants to make sure they feel comfortable enough to spend time in his classroom and ask questions.

Mr. Viik is always flexible in his teaching. His deadlines are not always set in stone. If he sees that the class is struggling, he’ll extend the time to assist the class. He doesn’t assign an excessive amount of work; rather, he simply gives what is necessary. Nothing more, nothing less. I believe this is one of the most important qualities a teacher can have: the ability to give what is necessary, and be as effective in their teaching as those who would give workloads that even adults would struggle to undertake. 

Overall, Mr. Viik is the ideal model for any teacher. If I had to describe him in three words, I’d say effective, caring, and comedic. While a teacher may not be required to have manageable workloads, funny jokes, or a kind heart, these qualities are what separates the ordinary teacher from the extraordinary, and Mr. Viik is just that.