The 5 BEST Christmas Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

Kayla Timmerman and Cailin Stryska

Christmas time … everyone’s favorite time of the year. We all know there are hundreds of different Christmas movies; possibly just way too many. So, what are the best movies to watch during this time of year? That is why we put together a “5 BEST Christmas Movies” list, so you know exactly what to not forget to watch this Christmas. 

#5 : The Santa Clause Trilogy

The best Christmas movie trilogy … it’s a fact. These are just really fun movies showing the next Santa adapting to his new role, and dealing with a new conflict each movie, including the man himself, Jack Frost. These are the funny, lighthearted movies that are some of the most enjoyable to watch during the Christmas time, and that is why they can’t be forgotten about. 

#4 : The Polar Express

A cute and semi-action Christmas movie. This is a big hit for Christmas movie fans everywhere. It shows the adventures of a boy, with friends he meets along the way on Christmas Eve night, boarding the Polar Express all the way to the North Pole. He meets Santa and his elves, on the glory that is Christmas Eve night. It’s a great movie for everyone, especially kids, and it brings out great imaginative parts of some Christmas traditions. 

#3 : A Charlie Brown Christmas 

It shows Chriatmas is just not about presents and commercialism. It shows the true meaning of Christmas. Charlie Brown struggles with what Christmas means to him and it takes his friends to show him that. It’s a very cute and lighthearted movie, which is great to watch during the holiday season. 

#2 : Elf

Probably the most iconic Christmas movie of all time. If you don’t watch this movie at least once during the Christmas season, have you really had the full Christmas experience? The answer is no. Everyone loves this movie and it’s pretty easy to see why, as it’s funny, heartfelt, sincere, plus Will Ferrell stars in it, which makes the movie as great as it is. Watch this movie at least once during December to feel like it’s truly Christmas time.

#1 : A Christmas Story

This just had to be number one. If you haven’t seen this movie, you just have to. This is the Christmas movie that best shows what the reality of Christmas really is. It consists of a kid who just wants one thing for Christmas, while also dealing with the reality of a family, friends, and school during this time. It shows it in the perspective of Ralphie, which makes it enjoyable for kids, while also showing what parents have to go through during this time as well, which makes it enjoyable for adults too. This is truly the perfect Christmas movie, and will always be the one that perfects the true reality and meaning of Christmas. 

Even though Osborn may disagree with our choices and completely delete this article, these are the movies we chose. So, if there are just a few Christmas movies that you should definitely watch this time of year, we recommend these ones. Each give a different effect, but are overall perfect for Christmas time. So don’t forget to watch these before Christmas is over to enjoy this time to its fullest.