SADD Wins Top 10 Nationwide

Heather Choi, Staff Writer

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) has done it again! As a proud member of SADD for two years, I am happy to announce that we won TOP 10 NATIONWIDE from the National Road Safety Foundation ́s “Pass on Passengers.” Now, you may be wondering how we did it. Well, let’s just say the secret ingredients behind this magic are pure teamwork and hard work. Folks, put on your seatbelts on and get ready for storytime.

On October 15, 2018, the National Road Safety Foundation (NRSF) unveiled a new contest called “Pass on Passengers.” As a result, every Thursday in room 282, all SADD members, along with advisor  Ms. Reilly, continued to brainstorm despite the Red Ribbon Week and other hectic events. After weeks of brainstorming, Ms Reilly proposed that we all dress up as clowns and sit next to the driver to distract him/her. This theme was supposed to convey the message to the audience of the dangers of distracted driving. However, we all rejected the idea. Why? Because we all doubted her idea and felt it would lead us to nowhere.

After 2-3 months of brainstorming, we finally decided. We opted for making a video of ourselves talking about the prevention of reckless driving. Before filming, we all wrote the dialogues together and decided which lines we wanted to use. A week later, we uploaded our dialogue on the projector and said our lines while talking in front of a camera.  And that’s how we won, folks. You can now check it out on YouTube to hear our entire video.  

Although it was an amazing experience, it there was one disappointment: Ms. Reilly’s idea of having clowns in our video was later used by another team, who won first place. The moral of the story? Listen to your club advisors, because they are almost always right!