A Spectacular  “SADD” Story

Heather Choi, Staff Writer

Ladies and gents,  we are proud to announce that SADD has produced its first vlog! 

As SADD members, we are utilizing this cool, effective tool as a way to communicate with people and raise awareness of important issues.

The awareness we are talking about is helping people to avoid making destructive decisions in their lives. What are destructive decisions? Well, destructive decisions are decisions that are harmful to yourself or to others, leading to injury or even death. Drunk driving, drug addiction, and vaping are just a few examples of these decisions and unfortunately, the number of these decisions is increasing annually. 

Through the use of our vlog (which involved five months of careful research and planning), we hope to educate students about the consequences of destructive decisions, as well as ways to avoid them. Click on the video below, and stay tuned for three more vlogs this school year.