SADD Edition: Manage The Merge

Kim Warshauer , Guest Writer

Earlier this year, the members of SADD entered a contest about safe driving, and for those who are unaware, we ended up placing in the top ten. 

This new contest is called “Manage The Merge.” This particular contest specifically focuses on merging while driving and how to do it properly and safely. People often don’t think about these types of things while they drive, because they’re used to doing it and think it’s easy; however, often people practice dangerous ways of driving without realizing, and merging is no exception. 

Merging can be simple, but the details mean everything, such as when to turn on your turn signal. If you turn your turn signal on too early, it will confuse and most likely anger those behind you, but if you do it too late no one will know when you’re merging. Your turn signal lets people know to allow you to merge in, and when you do it is very important. Another important part of merging is waiting for the dotted line to appear; a person is not supposed to merge when the line is solid, and doing so may cause confusion and a possible accident. 

We have big plans for our video, so stay tuned!