Mr. Cillis Helps Ambassadors’ Club Make a Difference

Emma Best, Staff Writer

The Ambassadors’ Club can be seen as something to put on a college application as just another club. But not to Mr. Matt Cillis. Mr. Cillis is a teacher in Farmingdale High School and is also the advisor of the Ambassador’s Club. The Ambassadors Club is a group  where students can talk about important social issues, allowing them to educate other students on topics that they might not know much about but are still very important. They also help “fundraise for charities like Girls’ Learn International and Reason2Smile, which help girls receive an education in third-world-countries.” Meetings are in room 144 on Thursdays after school, or if there is an event, it will most likely be in the Commons after school.

Mr. Cillis helps create an atmosphere where students can go and “discuss current social issues that they feel are important,” he explains. Mr. Cillis’ goal is for “these students to realize that these problems need to be solved, and hopefully sometime in the future they will be able to help make these changes.” They fundraise for charities by hosting various events like the Coffee House Night and Volleyball Night. He also brings the students to visit a Holocaust museum and interview Holocaust survivors so that they can share their stories with others. He helps shine light on causes that people might not think of every day.

Mr. Cillis not only is the advisor of the Ambassadors’ Club, he also is the grade advisor for the Senior Class of 2020 and a social studies teacher. Through all of that, Mr. Cillis  is still able to make time for the club and all the students.