Dalers Cheer Makes History

Jenna Cottone, Staff Writer

The Farmingdale Varsity  Competition Cheer Team has earned quite the record in recent months making them a noteworthy presence in the Daler community. Despite starting out as a JV team two years ago, then advancing to varsity just last year, the girls have made incredible progress, already having won all four competitions since the start of the winter season. One of which, the Division 1 Wantagh Cheerleading Competition, led to the team being featured in Newsday for their victories. 

However, these accomplishments do not equate to their qualification for UCA Nationals held in DisneyWorld. This is a first for Farmingdale making their traditional cheer, “We’re the Dalers and we’re making history,” very much true. The captains (Kiersten Hacker, Mianna Welch, Jessica Kielb, Gianna Costa, Jaeda Wallick and Diana Maughan) and the girls are extremely proud, though they still have a lot of work ahead before Nationals in February. Since qualifying they have placed third in Regionals, and Coach Caitlin Weinsheimer says, “We have a lot of goals in mind,” so stay tuned for more updates on the cheer team next month.