Pokemon Keeps it Going

Maggie McGovern , Staff Writer

Most people know Pokémon. Whether it’s the anime, games, mangas, or movies, it all comes back to the same thing: the journey of a kid completing his or her pokedex and saving the day. There are now 8 generations with 890 pokemon. 

Pokemon started in 1996 when the first Pokemon game was released. It was made by Junichi Masuda. The Pokemon world has evolved, and there are many different regions and areas in the Pokemon world. The games all follow the same base story: you are a ten year old, you get your first Pokemon, you travel all across the land to fill the pokedex, you fight and become the champion. In each game there is some organization of evil people that you take down. While the base story in the games are similar, each one is unique.

There are different Pokemon for everyone. They can range from a cute little mouse, to a large dragon, and everything in between. Many don’t realize that Pokemon is for people of all ages. There are young kids playing new games on the Switch, and young adults playing on their old systems from childhood, as well as emulators of old games. Then there are the elders that get into Pokemon on their phones with “Pokemon Go!”. Each Pokemon tells a different story to everyone.

Pokemon is an extremely popular Nintendo series, trailing only Super Mario in sales. Much of the success of Pokemon is based on offering fans the same classic idea, but with fun and innovative variants. So while some may think that Pokemon is an old, repetitive idea, it is clear that both kids and adults will be filling their pokedex for a long time to come.