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Chapter One: Same Old Same Old… 

I’m a student at Jackson High in Los Angeles. I’ll be honest, I hate this place but also love it at the same time. I never was much of a fan of education in general, but God do I love going to a place where I can meet people and make friends without being awkward. I would imagine making friends as an adult must be hell, like pulling teeth, but that’s not what I’m trying to say.  My point being that in this town, this school is different than what you probably think. But it’s also exactly what you would think in a lot of ways. It’s sort of just like your typical generic school environment, you had your jocks, the popular girls and those that were called nerds. Of course there were social classes based on who you hung out with and what you did as a whole, to be honest it’s just like high school that you would see in a movie or something; a thousand or so eyes watching your every move and ranking you either higher or lower on the social scale. Personally I didn’t know where I landed on this said scale, I would like to say from my own point of view I am somewhere decent on that scale, but I don’t really belong to a group of certain kids with a certain skill set. 

I remember getting a ton of stares on the first day of school when I introduced myself, and told everyone I wanted to write something that would last 1000 years, just like how we look at old writers in the past and admire their work for what it is, and analyze it for the deeper meaning. I had a decent amount of friends that all differed in what they were good at, and I generally got along with mostly everyone I met. Jumping into my junior year now, it seems all the same, same old people with new faces flushing in from the middle schools around, I honestly don’t think it’ll be that interesting, Sophomore year was boring as hell, and nothing interesting happened, but just like my mom always says, “Don’t all of a sudden think everything will stay the same, because then you’ll have experiences that change your very being.” I wish I heeded her advice looking back; demons always come back to haunt me at some point.

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