Changes in the School Experience

Andrew Rosas, Staff Writer

Up until about a month ago when our schools closed, school had changed for the better over the past ten years.

 Considering the fact that we are now older and more mature, it is still a weird change to witness because we are all so new to these upcoming responsibilities and the amount of freedom we have now compared to ten years ago. Ten years ago, we also didn’t have the technology available to us now. We are the generation of kids who lived through the transition from using those weird lamp projectors to now using smart boards. We also lived through the excitement and the joy of seeing those really low quality TVs being rolled into the classroom instead of just using a smart board and computer now. The freedom too is kind of scary to think of, before we had to raise our hands to go use the bathroom, now we can just walk out and give a heads up. Most of us can also now drive, so we can leave the building whenever we have off periods and go home after your last period of the day which was unthinkable to do compared to being stuck in a single classroom for the entire day. 

As of right now, we are in quarantine and the difference that I think most seniors can agree on is that, as much as it is stressful and as much as we all wish we could graduate, I miss school. We have all been looking forward to this school year ever since we were little and now that we are here, we’re forced to stay home because of a worldwide pandemic out of our control. This is definitely a sad time in our lives because the tradeoff to us staying home for this extended period is really sad. We will lose the time we could have spent as seniors celebrating our final year, a year for which many of us worked hard to earn. I don’t think anyone who agrees with this statement ever expected to do so ten years ago, or even at the beginning of this year for that matter. This is a change none of us could have seen coming.