Eminem is Still Going. But Should He Be?

Maggie McGovern, Staff Writer

Most people know Eminem. When people can’t agree on what music to play, Eminem is usually a pretty good way to fill the silence. Most people know at least one Eminem song, so they are usually satisfied with some sort of Eminem. Eminem at one point was considered one of the kings of rap. He would release great music by himself or with other artists. Eminem is arguably one of the greatest of all time in his genre of music. 

Eminem had a rough life before he came to fame. Eminem’s whole mantra used to be that he came from nothing and made it, even with all odds against him. Eminem was driven and passionate with his verses, but they were usually him “dissing” someone else. He didn’t care about the backlash because Eminem could handle pretty much anyone, or at least he used to be able to. 

Since his debut in 1996, Eminem has released eleven albums total. He released an album called Recovery in June of 2010. At this point, Eminem was still going strong in his career but had many personal issues to deal with. During the time of the release of this album he was recovering from addiction. He used this album to share his experiences and how he felt. Fortunately for fans, he did not let addiction get in the way of his career and he actually used his misfortune as an opportunity for success. He created such a powerful album and the people loved it. This album won 5 awards and got nominated for 10. At the end of the year that year, The Rolling Stone Magazine gave the album #9 for best album, and Complex gave it #3 out of the top 25 that year. 

Years into his fame Eminem is still well-known and is still creating. He does not release as much as he used to, but he is getting older. Earlier in 2020, he released a new album called Music to be Murdered By. This album has 20 tracks. Normally that would be acceptable  coming from Eminem, but they just are not good songs. Not many fans loved this album. Some say that it’s like Eminem forgot how to be Eminem. This came as a surprise considering in his last album before Music to be Murdered By, Kamikaze, he came back after an extended break saying that he is still Eminem and he will never forget to be Eminem. In Music to be Murdered By, there are many collaborations with other artists. The ratings that are out for the album are not that high. Eminem’s music used to be much more greatly appreciated compared to now. 

Eminem has been saying for years that he wants to retire. He just can’t. Most people know him well at this point and want more. When he was in his prime he was very controversial in both public and personal matters. He had a lot of bad things in his life that were affecting his thinking and behavior. Now he’s an older, more grown, and he has gotten his life together. 

Eminem had a long successful run in the rap world but it is his time to leave it. He was one of the greatest and always will be- he earned his place. Eminem is not an artist that people are just going to forget and not talk about or listen to. After all, he is the Rap God.