Detention Centers in China

Emma Duffy, Staff Writer

The Asian continent is a fairly decent distance from America. Practically in their own world, citizens of America are unable to know exactly what is going on at any given time. However, there may be reason to pay closer attention to what is going on across the ocean. Right now as you sit here reading this, a humanitarian crisis is going on. There are millions of Muslims that are being forced into detention centers. 

In Xinjiang, camps have been set up to contain and train Muslims to abandon their culture. As one could surmise, these are not the peaceful and fun summer camps seen on television shows and movies. These camps in Xinjiang are instead torturous. Punishments are distributed for any wrong move. These punishments are harsh and nobody is spared; it does not matter if they are old, young, weak, strong, they will be punished brutally. Examples of this punishment include injections of medicine that makes you complacent, deprivation of food (which is already putrid), and much more. To elaborate on the food problem, when they are not being deprived, the Muslims are also forced to eat pork, which is strictly against their religion. Not to mention the brutal sexual abuse and rape of innocent Muslim women for the pleasure of workers in the camp. Their government has claimed that these statements are lies and that they treat the people in the camps kindly; however, there is an immense amount of evidence (including first hand accounts) against them.

Their pain and suffering should not go unacknowledged. It is known that Trump’s administration is in the process of placing sanctions on China in light of these events, but it is also known that this is not enough. Despite these sanctions, China continues to follow through with what seems to be a cultural genocide. Stronger action needs to be taken, more countries must be involved, and a voice must be given to those being oppressed.