Tech Possibilities Endless. But Are We Becoming Lazier?

Jake Amato, Staff Writer

The leaps and bounds that technology has taken over the past decade are nothing short of remarkable. Technologies that were never thought to be possible seemed to have become commonplace; the possibilities for the future of tech seems to have no limits.

From self-driving cars to people saying “Hey Google” and “Alexa” for almost everything, ten years ago most of these technologies weren’t even concepts yet. According to USA Today, “Ten years ago, self-driving cars were a pipedream, the Ipad hadn’t launched yet, and neither had the photo-sharing phenomenom Instagram.” Many technologies we utilize and often take for granted weren’t even ideas yet ten years ago. The limits that technology has pushed in only a decade and the pace at which new tech is created only seems to be increasing. Many other concepts we use on a daily basis today were once again simply not around a decade ago. Every technology we use is considered to be “smart,” from our phones to even our fridges. According to USA Today, “We have smart thermostats, smart fridges, smart watches, smart TVs and smart speakers…”  We are now so much more dependent on technology then we were in the past. In a way, by becoming so much more reliant on technology, people have become much lazier, knowing the tech they have will solve all of their issues. For example, when it comes to getting groceries, products or anything else we may desire, instead of going out to a store, many decide to just sit on the couch in the comfort of their home and just click a few buttons.

Overall, the change in technology in the past decade has been immense. With new, more advanced technologies being created everyday, the future seems to be approaching at an impressive, yet alarming, rate.